ASUS ROG ally X, towards a total of 24 GB of memory?


A quick look back at ASUS’s forthcoming ROG Ally X console. After a cursory look at what the machine had in store for us, and above all its supposed price, this time it’s the memory configuration that’s the subject of debate.

ROG Ally X: towards a total of 24 GB of memory?

Of course, this new version of the console will correct a well-known problem with the first version, which concerned the micro-SD card reader. Positioned under the hot-air vents, it could simply die… or the microSD card it contained. However, we can also expect much greater autonomy with a 40% larger battery.

Apart from that, there would be no change to the processor, since an AMD Z1 Extreme would still be present. The same goes for the display, with a 7″ model featuring 1920×1080 resolution, all at 120 Hz and 500 nits brightness.

One other element was not yet known: the amount of RAM installed in the console. While the first generation had a total of 16 GB, this new version should benefit from 24 GB of LPDDR5X.

In short, all these improvements mean that the console will sell at a higher price. We’re talking about a $100 increase, or $799!