i9 14900K: 5% better than 13900K on Cinebench R24!


After a Core i9 14900K on CPU-Z, then on GeekBench, it’s time for the 14900K on Cinebench. This time, we’re talking about the latest version of the software, Cinebench 2024. So, what about the performance of this future processor?

i9 14900K: 5% faster than the 13900K on Cinbench!

i9 14900K Cinebench 2024As a reminder, this processor will feature a similar configuration to the 13900K, with its 24 cores and 32 threads. The amount of L3 cache memory has been increased to 36 MB, while boost frequencies have been increased to 6 GHz, compared with 5.8 GHz for the 13900K. Finally, Intel announces a TDP of 125W, rising to 253W at PL2.

In terms of scores, as we can see, this translates into 128 pts for single-core, versus 2161 pts for multi-core. These scores were obtained with a Maximus Z790 Hero, an NH-D15, an RTX 4090 and 48 GB RAM at 5600 MT/s.

Compared with today’s CPUs, these scores are barely higher than those of the 13900K and 13900KS. Wccftech reports 127 and 128 pts respectively for these two models. In multi-core, however, the gains are more perceptible, with a 5% improvement over the 13900K and 2.5% over the 13900KS.

So, in absolute terms, there’s a gain, but is it worth it? To answer that question, we need to consider the selling price. If the latest rumours about the price of the Raptor Lake Refresh prove to be true, there’s clearly nothing good to come of it. Indeed, prices are set to rise by 15%, while gains will be minimal. Clearly not the right argument to sell processors. Now, we can always be surprised since these are just rumors, as usual, but we’re somewhat pessimistic on this subject.