Towards 30TB Toshiba hard drives by 2025?


From Toshiba, we learn that the brand is pursuing its development in the hard disk drive sector. Indeed, the Japanese company has indicated that it intends to offer models larger than 30TB by 2025.

Hard disks: will Toshiba break the 30TB barrier?

Toshiba 30 ToToshiba of Japan has already broken the 30TB capacity barrier for its hard disks. Two technologies are being used to achieve this: HAMR and MAMR.

The first technology is based on magnetic recording via laser heating of an area of the disk. Data is then recorded via the read/write head while the point is hot. In short, by combining 10 disks, the brand has achieved capacities of up to 32TB.

With MAMR, it’s no longer heat that’s used to write data, but microwaves. In fact, the read heads generate microwaves on the disk, making it easier to write on the disk by simplifying the alignment of the magnetic grains. Using this technique, the brand achieves 31 TB via eleven platters. Nevertheless, we feel that HAMR offers greater density.

In short, by 2025, hard disks in excess of 30TB should be on the market. In the meantime, this development is the result of collaboration between several companies: Toshiba on the one hand, but also Resonac Corporation and TDK Corporation.