No Windows 10 driver for Ryzen 9000 mobiles?


According to PC Guide, another rumor from AMD, this time concerning the company’s software. Indeed, some rumors suggest the absence of Windows 10 drivers developed by the company for its future Ryzen 9000 mobile products!

Windows 10: no AMD driver for Ryzen 9000 mobiles?

Ryzen 9000 Windows 10

Of course, these are just rumors, nothing official, but some are hinting that reds might not support Windows 10 for their future hardware. We’re talking here about Strix Point CPUs and possibly Strix Halo and others.

Clearly, the arguments in favor of this abandonment would simply have to do with artificial intelligence. Indeed, these chips should feature an NPU to boost performance in these tasks. However, while AI is present in Windows 11, it is much less so in W10. What’s more, in October 2025, Microsoft will discontinue support for its operating system, despite the fact that it is still widely used.

What’s more, we’re talking here about mobile processors, most of which are found in machines such as laptops . In this respect, manufacturers generally leave the user little choice of system, and since the launch of Windows 11, these come with W11 pre-installed by default.

Now it remains to be seen what will happen with desktop processors based on Zen 5. Ryzen 9000 in AM5 would not be affected by this rumor, it must be said that, apart from a tiny iGPU, there is little or no need for a driver.