Intel Power Limit, MSI releases bios!


As we said here, until now, motherboard manufacturers could do whatever they wanted with the default Power Limit settings. The only problem is that, while unbridling Power Limits promotes high performance, it also creates instabilities, something Intel no longer wants to see. As a result, new guidelines have been introduced, requiring brands to integrate a new, more restrictive default profile, which is what MSI is doing!

MSI deploys a default profile restricting Power Limit!

MSI Power Limit Intel

In line with Intel’s wishes, MSI releases new bios with more restrictive limits. By default, on Core i9s, PL1 and PL2 will be set at 125W and 253W respectively. On the i9 KS, PL1 and PL2 will be set at 253W.

But the company is taking the opportunity to make another addition that will depend on your cooling system. You’ll be able to select the type of cooling you have: Intel Default Settings, Tower Air Cooler or watercooling, to have more or less ballast on its parameters:

  • Default: PL1 at 125W, PL2 at 253W and ICCMax at 307A
  • Tower Air Cooler: PL1 at 288W, PL2 at 288W and ICCMax at 512A
  • Water cooler: PL1 at 4096W, PL2 at 4096W and ICCMax at 512A

Suffice it to say that the water cooler profile is likely to defeat many AIOs on the market, especially when we consider instantaneous consumptions in excess of 500W (Igor’s Lab) for an average consumption of 350W with a 13900K.

For the moment, MSI is publishing bios for five of its Z790 motherboards. These include the MEG Z790 Godlike Max and MEG Z790 Ace. Of course, the rest of the range will be rolled out progressively.