RX 7600 XT, a new card to come?


Head over to the EEC website, where we’re registering new graphics cards. Among all the names, we’ve got PowerColor registering mysterious RX 7600 XTs in two memory configurations, 10 GB and 12 GB!

RX 7600 XT: PowerColor models registered on the EEC website!

RX 7600 XT EEC

A look at the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) website reveals four 7600 XTs registered by PowerColor, with Hellhound and Fighter OC versions. Each card is available in 10 GB and 12 GB memory versions. These are rather strange configurations, since the former would force AMD to opt for a rikiki 96-bit and 80-bit memory bus. Memory bandwidth would then be shattered, worse than on the current RX 7600.

According to our colleagues, a 12 GB memory configuration would be more plausible. So, with a heavily castrated Navi 32 GPU, it would be possible to offer something coherent… At least, something based on a 192/160-bit bus, offering higher bandwidth than the current 7600.

Now, to be coherent, the chip configuration will have to offer a number of compute units between the 54 CU of the 7700 XT and the 32 CU of the 7600. Fortunately, there’s plenty of room in between. A configuration similar to the 6750 XT wouldn’t be out of the question. As a reminder, this previous-generation board offered 40 compute units for 2560 stream processors, plus 12 GB of memory on a 192-bit bus.

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It remains to be seen whether such a solution is actually in the pipeline or not. When AMD announced its 7800/7700 XT, it declared that the RX 7000 range was now complete. Only special editions could be released. After all, these EEC registrations may just be placeholders, as we’ve seen before… Unless they are cards reserved for certain geographical areas, which has also been seen before.