DeepCool unveils a series of LCD display fans at CES


At CES, DeepCool fans are flooding Las Vegas. As we told you here the brand already offers its Assassin IV, but it goes further by refreshing its current range. Indeed, the models currently available show a small LCD screen on top of the heater. The screens are definitely in the spotlight, even the cases have the right to it !

DeepCool fans with LCD display!

DeepCool Digital CoolerIf we rely on the visuals shared by the brand, we can see that this “digitalization” concerns all the fans of the current AK range. In the lot, we notice the shape of the AK620, AK500 and AK400. However, the brand goes one step further by modernizing an older model: the AS500. As a reminder, this is a single-tower, slim, 140 mm heatsink with a silent design. Moreover, it is a reference that we had greatly appreciated during the our test. So much so, that we recommended it in our cooling buying guides 2022 edition.

However, we are looking at a fifth model that we do not know. Indeed, on the left of theAS500 is another reference, thicker than an AK400, but thinner than an AK500. For the moment, it is difficult to say more since the brand’s website does not reference anything comparable. Perhaps a model exclusive to this series?

Anyway, we are curious to see the possibilities offered by this small LCD display. For the moment, it already seems possible to display the fan speed and the CPU temperature. The same goes for prices… Let’s hope they don’t make the bill explode.