Review: Cooler Master MA824 Stealth


Following our review of DeepCool’s AK620 Digital, we’re continuing to test double-tower fans. This time, we turn to Cooler Master, which offers us a very imposing MA824 Stealth. We’re testing it today because the brand generously sent us a copy! So, what about this model’s performance? We tell you all about it!

Cooler Master MA824 Stealth boîte


This cooler belongs to Cooler Master’s MasterAir series of high-end heatsinks. And of all the models it offers, this MA824 Stealth is the biggest with its double-tower format. What’s more, as the name Stealth implies, this is a “stealth” version, meaning without RGB lighting.

Here, Cooler Master’s communication focuses on the performance achieved by this model. Indeed, we learn that this model features a total of 8 Composite heatpipes. These exploit a grooved and porous internal structure to maximize heat exchange surface area and thus maximize performance.

What’s more, the heat exchange surface is enhanced by two cooling towers. These are made up of aluminum fins with a thickness and surface area optimized for performance. What’s more, the heatpipes are distributed in such a way as to distribute the heat as evenly as possible.

The copper base has been widened to perfectly cover the processor’s IHS, ensuring flawless contact. High-performance thermal paste is pre-applied.

Last but not least, the Mobius series includes two fans, one 120 mm and the other 135 mm. The latter operate in push/pull mode for maximum performance. However, the 120 mm fan is there to maximize compatibility with the memory, which is 42 mm high as it stands.

Cooler Master MA824 Stealth

Little by little, the MA824 Stealth is arriving on the market, and its prices position it directly in the premium sector. At the very least, it can be had for around €114, which is not cheap for air-cooling. But will its price match its performance? A mystery.