Review: Cooler Master MA824 Stealth


The MA824 Stealth

As with the other Cooler Master products we’ve tested, this MA824 Stealth arrives in a box with the brand’s characteristic colors. The latter features purple and black tones. Naturally, we find an illustration of the cooler on the front and a reminder of its features/functions on the back of the box.

Inside, we find several cardboard boxes enclosing the accessory part, the heatsink and an additional fan. All this is encased in white foam. Very effective protection, since nothing arrived damaged.


Weight and dimensions:

Having had the AK620 Digital in our hands, we’re rather surprised by the MA824 Stealth’s imposing dimensions. At least, we’d say it’s more imposing than the DeepCool model at 150.6 (W) x 162.2 (D) x 165.6 (H) mm. That said, beware of its dimensions, which may pose a problem with certain cases. The 160 mm limit has been exceeded.

Unfortunately, Cooler Master’s datasheet doesn’t specify the weight of its monster, but our kitchen scale does! It weighs in at a hefty 1.44 kg. If you move your PC around a lot, be careful. It might be better to disassemble it to prevent any risk of damage!

The base :

Cooler Master MA824 Stealth base

The first thing you notice under the heatsink is its particularly elongated copper base. It measures 37 x 52 mm, enough to fully cover AMD Ryzen 7000 or Intel Core i 13000 processors!

As you can see, thermal paste is pre-applied as standard in an original pattern. In the center of the base, the paste forms the brand’s logo… Quite amusing.

The most striking feature is the large number of heat pipes running through it. As mentioned on the front page, there are eight 6mm heat pipes in all. These are concentrated mainly in the center of the base.

Otherwise, the finish of this base is very good, with very fine machining whose traces can hardly be felt. Finally, there’s a nickel-plated finish, but not mirror-like as it doesn’t reflect perfectly.


Cooler Master MA824 Stealth radiateur

Unlike DeepCool’s heatsinks, the fin cut-out is rather basic. There are no particular sawtooth or waffle patterns, for example. No, here they’re straight!

What’s more, of the 40 fins that make up the two towers, the first seven in the first stack have been shortened. The aim is to maximize memory compatibility if the first fan is omitted. Under these conditions, RAM compatibility rises to 67 mm versus 42 mm with the fan.


Cooler Master MA824 Stealth dessus

Naturally, the finish is exemplary, with a brushed aluminum top and black anodized finish. The latter also features the Cooler Master logo and two screw heads. The latter are used for the mounting system and are directly accessible. Unlike the AK620 Digital, there’s no need to remove the central fan and the upper part of the cooler for mounting.

Otherwise, the entire heatsink is black, as the fins and heatpipes are coated in this color. It’s easy to see why this model is so Stealth!


So far, so good, but we can’t say that socket compatibility is exemplary. In fact, this model will only fit on mainstream Intel and AMD platforms:

  • Intel: LGA-115x – LGA-1200 – LGA-1700
  • AMD: AM4 – AM5

Of course, we don’t find AMD’s high-end sockets such as SP3, sWRX8 and derivatives. Cooler Master also omits Intel’s LGA-2000, which is less usual. Worth knowing!


The MA824 Stealth is ventilated by two fans from Cooler Master’s Mobius series. The first is a 120 mm fan, and the second is a 135 mm fan. Unfortunately, this second model cannot be dismantled and will therefore remain physically present in the radiator… Too bad, in the event of a fault, it cannot be replaced.

Fortunately, the first 120 mm model is removable. And the latter offers everything you need, with a square frame and dark-blue rubber silent-blocks to dampen vibrations. Its blades are seven in number, with a pronounced curvature. What’s more, their tips are linked by an internal hoop. Finally, both fans are equipped with a sheathed cable measuring around 30 centimeters.

Cooler Master MA824 Stealth ventilateur

In terms of features, the Mobius 120 features a PWM power supply. Its speed range is between 0 rpm and 1950 rpm. At full speed, it generates an airflow of 63.1 CFM, while static pressure peaks at 2.69 mmH2O.

On the other hand, the 135 mm mill also has a PWM power supply, but is slower. Here, its speed range is between 0 rpm and 1550 rpm. What’s interesting, however, is that the airflow of the two mills is almost identical: 63.6 CFM here. On the other hand, static pressure is down at 1.92 mmH2O.

The bundle:

Cooler Master MA824 Stealth bundle

The accessory section is housed in a small cardboard box and features:

  • Assembly instructions
  • A warranty guide
  • Screwdriver
  • A plastic Intel multi-socket backplate
  • Intel/AMD mounting arms and associated screws and bolts
  • Two steel claws for Mobius 120 fan mounting
  • A fan splitter for two fans!

Cooler Master provides everything you need to mount its heatsink, and goes even further. The brand includes a screwdriver, so we don’t have to run to our toolbox for assembly. Nevertheless, given the product’s range, we find it a shame not to have a syringe of thermal paste as well. It’s a shame.

Roughly speaking:

Clearly, Cooler Master is offering us a qualitative product with a high-level finish. Nonetheless, this is accompanied by imposing dimensions that mean it clearly won’t fit into every PC case on the market, so be on the lookout for this aspect. Finally, despite the high-end sector for this type of cooling, we find it a shame not to have a small syringe of thermal paste supplied.