RX 7900 Dual from ASUS!


ASUS is launching two new graphics cards. On the program are the RX 7900 Dual, high-end cards with heatsinks featuring just two fans. Despite this, these models are not compact!

RX 7900 Dual: the first high-end AMD cards with just two fans!

ASUS RX 7900 Dual

With these new boards, ASUS is building on an earlier design, borrowed from the RX 6000. As can be seen, we find a black shell with a silver insert with a hint of RGB. The rest of the casing features striations here and there.

However, the heatsink on these models is unique in that it has only two fans. They are therefore the first boards in this range not to feature three fans, if we leave aside the AIO models of course.

However, this is no guarantee of compactness, far from it. In fact, these references are over 30 cm long and 5.8 cm thick, equivalent to three slots.

ASUS RX 7900 DualIn terms of frequencies, remember that by default, an RX 7900 XT runs at 2400 MHz boost, compared with 2450 MHz for the XTX. Here, via GPU Tweak 3, the XT can reach 2535 MHz, compared with 2615 MHz for the XTX.

Both boards share identical connectivity, with one DisplayPort 2.1 and three HDMI 2.1. As for power supply, both models require three 8-pin PCIe connectors.

As for prices, these models are gradually appearing on the market. At LDLC, expect to pay ~€1000 for the XT and ~€1300 for the XTX.