Review: Cooler Master MA824 Stealth


AMD temperature/noise ratio

On these perf/noise ratio graphs, we remind you that it’s best to be positioned as far to the bottom left of the graph as possible. For reading purposes, the leftmost point symbolizes 12V ventilation, the central one 8V, and the rightmost 5V.

At 65W, Cooler Master’s MA824 Stealth comes out on top, ahead of the Noctua NH-U12A. However, while the two models are neck-and-neck at higher speeds, the results differ as the speed decreases. Cooler Master’s heatsink is aided by its low noise levels at low speeds.

At 95W, the MA824 Stealth is still in top form at its slowest speeds. Once again, its low noise level helps it keep up with Noctua’s NH-U12A. Unfortunately for Cooler Master, the trend reverses at high speeds.

Clearly, at 150W, Cooler Master’s heatsink offers a clear lead over Noctua’s cooler, as well as a superior temperature-to-noise ratio, whatever the fan speed.