Review: Cooler Master MA824 Stealth


Speed and noise

Fan speed :

We’re starting from scratch with our series of temperature readings. Let’s specify the fan speeds recorded during our readings (for 12V, 8V, 5V):

As can be seen, fan 1, in 120 mm, displays high speeds, close to the NF-A12x25 of Noctua’s NH-U12A. At full speed, the fan operates at around 2000 rpm, with a small 900 rpm when set to 5V. Here, mid-range is around 1400 rpm.

By contrast, the Mobius 135 mm, marked “fan 2”, is much slower at full speed, with 1550 rpm. Ditto at mid-speed as well as at low rpm, where its 600 rpm and 1000 rpm place it as the slowest fan in the comparison.

Noise :

As far as noise levels are concerned, this heatsink is clearly not the noisiest, that title going to Jonsbo’s HX6250 and its 140 mm fan. All in all, the MA824 Stealth is certainly audible at full speed, but the noise remains well under control at 41.5 dB. Moreover, noise levels are drastically reduced at 8V, dropping below 32 dB, less than a NH-U12A at 5V.

Finally, at low speeds, Cooler Master’s heatsink is quiet enough not to arouse our sound meter.