Review: Cooler Master MA824 Stealth



This concludes our review of Cooler Master’s MA824 Stealth. Are we dealing with a successful product? Let’s take a closer look!

Watch out for dimensions!

With this heatsink, Cooler Master offers us an imposing reference without making any real compromises in terms of dimensions. When opting for this heatsink, don’t hesitate to take a look at your case’s datasheet to make sure it fits. at 165 mm in height, it won’t fit everywhere. The same applies to memory, since the height is limited to 42 mm, which seems to be the standard these days.

A simple, clever mounting system!

However, despite its size, Cooler Master has opted for a clever mounting system. It’s true that the motherboard preparation is still in line with current standards, since mounting arms have to be screwed around the socket. However, the mounting screws are directly accessible from the top of the heatsink. Once the motherboard is ready, the heatsink is removed and screwed in place. Unlike the AK620 Digital (this is just an example), you won’t need to disassemble the whole thing first.

Cooler Master MA824 Stealth dessus

Next to this, we find a reference whose finish is very meticulous, particularly the upper part in aluminum. Its treatment is exemplary, with impeccable brushing and anodizing.

But there’s a but..

The bundle section clearly deserves a syringe of thermal paste. Otherwise, it’s a shame that the central fan can’t be removed. This would facilitate cleaning and allow the fan to be replaced in the event of failure.

Very good to excellent performance!

With this cooler, Cooler Master proves that size does matter: in terms of dimensions, it’s the biggest of our comparisons, but also the one that performs best.

However, let’s qualify what we’re saying a little: it’s certainly in the lead in all scenarios, but to varying degrees. On an MCM processor like the Ryzen 9 7900X, it’s good and makes the coffee, but more compact products rival it, like Noctua’s NH-U12A. On the other hand, on a processor with a monolithic die like the Core i5 13600K, it outperforms, since the heatpipes ideally cover the processor’s hot spot.

As for noise, we feel that it’s under control, with nuisance levels dropping as soon as the fan speed is reduced. In short, all this contributes to offering the best temperature/noise ratio in our comparison base, despite competitors solid on their feet!

Premium price:

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All that remains is to resolve the question of pricing, which is, admittedly, important, but with hindsight, coherent. At around €115, we’re clearly at the top end of the market, since this is the price of the biggest heatsinks on the market. However, given Cooler Master’s performance, as we’ve seen, it runs over everything that moves, even the NH-U12A, even the AK620, even though the former is priced at €130 and the latter at €80!

Cooler Master MA824 Stealth :

We like:
  • Excellent finish
  • Simple assembly, with no parts to remove!
  • Standard RAM compatibility: 42 mm height
  • Good performance on AMD processors..
  • … which becomes excellent on Intel CPUs!
  • Controlled noise level, especially when toned down a bit
  • Excellent temperature-to-noise ratio!
  • The price, though high, is in line with its performance
We didn’t like :
  • This model’s imposing dimensions – watch out for the casing!
  • No thermal paste syringe supplied
  • Not being able to remove the 135 mm central fan

médaille award OMF or goldFor our part, we’ve decided to award gold to the MA824 Stealth! Clearly deserved, since this model offers excellent temperatures and a controlled noise level. What’s more, it’s very well built, with a clever mounting system. In all this, it’s a pity not to have a central disassembly fan, facilitating cleaning and even replacement in the event of breakdown. Of course, you’ll have to be careful with your case or RAM, as it’s still pretty big!

Many thanks to Cooler Master !