Review: Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3


Productivity performance

Productivity performance

In this section, we focus on productivity performance. In other words, the machine’s performance on software such as Microsoft Office, Blender or DaVinci Resolve.

PCMark 10 Extented

On PCMark 10, the Surface Laptop Go 3 is rather disappointing, possibly due to the SSD not being fast enough for certain tasks.

PCMark 10 : application

The benchmark presented here uses the Microsoft Office suite to give us our machine’s performance on Word, Excel and Powerpoint. In this benchmark, the SSD plays a key role.


On Blender, the Surface Laptop Go 3 manages not to fall behind on the CPU benchmark. The 1235u performs almost as well as the 1360p of the much more powerful Prestige 13 Evo, but suffers from temperature.

PugetBench: Davinci Resolve

On Davinci Resolve, the Surface Laptop Go 3 once again achieves a respectable score against MSI’s Prestige 13 Evo.

We began our tests with the SSD, and in view of its performance, we knew that the productivity results would be less than stellar. Although it surprisingly makes up for it in content creation, the Surface Laptop Go 3 falls far short of its intended purpose: office automation.