Review: Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3


Synthetic CPU performance

Synthetic CPU performance

Let’s take a look at what this machine has to offer, starting with CPU and memory performance on a few synthetic benchmarks.

Cinebench R20

We start with Cinebench R20, here the 1235u displays rather low performance in correlation with its core configuration.

Cinebench R23

Continuing with Cinebench R23, here the 1235u remains unsurprisingly in the background.

Geekbench 3

On Geekbench 3, the 1235u still lags behind the Ryzen 7 5700u.

Geekbench 5

For Geekbench 5, the 1235u still lags behind, even if the gap is narrowing with AMD CPUs.

3DMark CPU Profile

On 3DMark CPU profile, this 1235u is well behind, performing almost twice as well as Intel CPUs with only 2 more Pcore.

Aida 64

For AIDA64, we’re mainly looking at RAM. Here, performance is rather disappointing in terms of latency, with over 150 ns. On the other hand, throughputs are quite high, particularly in write mode with over 71 Gb/s.