Review: Corsair iCUE H170i RGB


Speed and noise

Fan speed :

We’re starting from scratch with our series of temperature readings. Let’s specify the fan speeds recorded during our readings (for 12V, 8V, 5V):

As far as fan speeds at full throttle are concerned, we find the mills to be rather fast at full throttle. At 2000 rpm, the QX 140 RGB is among the fastest. At mid-range, we measure an average speed of 1300 rpm, while this drops to 700 rpm at low speed.

Note that ventilation can only be controlled via iCUE, so we ran the fans at 33%, 66% and 100% PWM signal.

Noise :

Unfortunately, with Corsairs, things don’t get any better when it comes to noise pollution. If you push the three blowers to their maximum, the noise is immediately very present and exceeds all other kits. At 49 dB, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we’d only run it this way occasionally.

Fortunately, a slight reduction in speed makes the noise more bearable at mid-range.

And when your PC isn’t being used much, you won’t have to worry about noise, as the kit becomes very quiet.