Review: Corsair iCUE H170i RGB


The iCUE Link H170i RGB kit

When it comes to packaging, we’re back to Corsair’s usual style. The box comes in yellow and black, with an illustration of the iCUE H170i RGB on the front. On the back, we have a reminder of the kit’s main functions and features!

Inside, we find the classic cardboard mold used to protect the kit’s various components. This time, the plastic bags have been replaced by recycled ones. Incidentally, we had to be careful, as the one containing the screws and bolts arrived torn, so we had washers wandering all over the box.


Corsair iCUE Link H170i RGB radiateur

As with any 420 mm kit, the radiator is really imposing. You’ll need to take a serious look at the compatibility with your housing. In fact, it measures 457 (W) x 140 (D) x 27 (H) mm. Add another 25 mm with the fans, which are pre-installed as standard! Of course, the construction is aluminum-based, and there are 13 channels for liquid circulation.

Otherwise, the special feature of this model lies in the presence of a “block” between the pipes. This is where all connections are made: fans and hub. It features a USB-C socket and two proprietary connectors.

Otherwise, the radiator’s finish is really clean and we’re dealing with a rectangular black model. Once again, there are no visible rivets or screws on the sides. All we have here is a simple Corsair logo on the sides. Once again, it looks great!

Of course, to connect the radiator to the pump, there are two 45 cm long hoses. They’re pretty flexible and can easily be bent. However, unlike the brand’s other AIOs, the sheathing isn’t as pretty, since it will be used to hide two cables at the pump outlet. The finish is therefore similar to that of Arctic’s Liquid Freezer II kits based on the same principle.

Pump block:

The design of the block has obviously changed, and is now covered in glossy translucent plastic with a black tint. On the top, we have the Corsair logo on a black plate. This plate is held in place by a magnetic system, allowing it to be rotated in 90° increments.

In terms of dimensions, this waterblock measures 75 (W) x 75 (D) x XX (H) mm. There’s no memory obstruction here, as the copper base is slightly eccentric on the left. Beneath the block, we find the brushed copper base with dimensions of 56×56 mm. It will easily cover a LGA-1700 or AM5 CPU. It is screwed to the rest of the pump via eight Phillips-head screws.

On the side, there are two 90°-angled end caps, but the finish is very clean. These feature a knurled texture with a Corsair logo. Two small cables can be seen tucked underneath.

Corsair iCUE Link H170i RGB pompe

Here, there are no connectors coming out of this block. It may sound silly, but the only cables present are at the elbow ends and running along the pipes. Everything is connected to the radiator.


In terms of compatible platforms, Corsair highlights support for motherboards in :

  • Intel: LGA-115x – LGA-1200 – LGA-1700 – LGA-2000
  • AMD: AM5 – AM4 – sRX4 – sTR4

Once again, Corsair has announced major compatibility with AMD’s HEDT platforms. However, what about the new one just released?


As far as ventilation is concerned, there are three 140 mm QX14 RGB fans. What’s special about these fans is that there are no cables, as they are connected via the frame. In fact, if you remove them from the radiator, you’ll see that the connection is made via a bridge (on the left), while a wedge adds a little stability.

The frame is square, with small rubber washers at the ends. However, double lateral striations are present to diffuse the aRGB lighting they feature. Speaking of RGB, there’s also a double light ring visible from the front and rear of the mill.

Corsair iCUE Link H170i RGB ventilateurs Corsair iCUE Link H170i RGB ventilateurs

As for the blades, these fans have seven of them, which are, after all, relatively thick. They remain translucent to promote aRGB lighting diffusion. However, given the thickness of the frame, their length is rather limited.

Now to the figures. We know that the mills benefit from a PWM-type power supply. Their rotation range is between 400 rpm and 2000 rpm. At full throttle, airflow will be significant, with 82.5 CFM announced. Ditto for static pressure as we reach 3.5 mmH2O.

The bundle:

Corsair iCUE Link H170i RGB bundle

The accessory part arrives in various small plastic bags. However, the one containing the screws was torn on arrival. Fortunately, there was no loss – it was just lying around in the box. In any case, the accessory part was composed of :

  • A warranty guide
  • A cable to connect the fans to the radiator
  • The iCUE Link hub
  • A second cable connecting the radiator to the iCUE Link hub
  • A 6-pin PCIe power cord for the hub
  • USB cable for connecting hub to motherboard
  • Temperature sensor
  • Connector bridge and shim (for fans)
  • Metal backplate and screws for Intel sockets
  • Mounting arms and spacers for TR4 socket
  • Mounting arms and spacers for socket AM4/5
  • Fan/radiator screws and washers

The accessory section is therefore complete, with everything you need to assemble the kit. However, I’m a little disappointed not to have a thermal paste supplement, especially on a kit priced at over €300.

Roughly speaking:

As always with Corsair, this is a well-presented piece of equipment with attractive finishes. The design of the pump has evolved and is very pleasing to the eye. Last but not least, this new iCUE Link system promises to be very practical to deploy, as we remember the Commander Core-equipped kits of the past generating an incredible quantity of cables. But to find out what it’s all about, go to the next page.