PC Case Buying Guide 2023


After the buying guide for CPU cooling, we wondered if we would not do the same for PC cases? Well, here we are, it’s time to offer you a new guide. We’ve scoured the market and picked out a selection of cases worth checking out.

NZXT H5 Elite protocoleThe H5 Elite from NZXT, in test here/caption]

Contrary to what one might think, the case of a PC is not just a “vulgar box” used to accommodate all our components. Its choice deserves some attention since a number of factors come into play. Of course, there is the visual style, but we almost feel like telling you that this is secondary.

In order to make the right choice, we’ll look at the system’s capacity to accommodate the computer, especially in terms of liquid or air cooling systems. The same goes for the graphics cards: lately, the new generations of cards have become so big that some people have had to change their cases to accommodate the latest RTX 4090 for example. And of course, we find the constraints related to cooling, the number of fans provided as standard, etc., etc.

In order to better advise you, we have organized our guide into several price ranges. Moreover, we have based our guide on “mid-tower” models which are designed to accommodate ATX motherboards. Finally, our criteria are simple: maximized airflow, you’re not going to see a lot of glass front panel here and component compatibility. Anyway, here’s how it’s organized:

    • Entry level: from 0 € to 60 €
    • Mid-range: 61 € to 120 €
    • High end : 121 € to 200 €
    • Very high end : > 201 €
    • ITX

Before we start, we want to make it clear that just because a model isn’t in this case buying guide doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad, far from it. Think of this guide as a selection of good cameras according to their price category. Now that this is said, let’s get on with it!