Review : NZXT H5 Elite


After the H7 NZXT also renews its entry-level PC case offer. Thus, the H510 is now replaced by a new series: the H5.

For the moment, two versions are planned with a “Flow” model and a second one called “Elite”. If the first one is designed to maximize the air flow with a perforated front, the second one is more luxurious with two tempered glass panels. Moreover, it is this version that we received, so we will see what it gives through our test!


NZXT H5 Elite

The exterior of the H5 Elite:

With this new series, the “small” case from NZXT gets significantly bigger. Where an H5 measured 210 (W) x 428 (D) x 460 (H) mm, this new generation now displays 227 (W) x 446 (D) x 464 (H) mm. We imagine that the brand is keeping in mind the ever-increasing size of new components, especially graphics cards. Moreover, this model remains quite heavy with 8.1 kg on the scale!

Nevertheless, despite a larger size, this model still keeps the sober design of the brand. Thus, the front panel and the left side have a nice tinted tempered glass panel running on 3/4 of the height of the case. The lines are therefore pure and the look minimalist. At the bottom of the front, we simply find the logo of the brand painted in a different color from the rest.

Ventilation will be through the side of the case, the steel side panel has perforations to let the ventilation breathe.

The control panel:

NZXT H5 Elite panneau de contrôle

Unfortunately, the control panel remains as minimalist as ever and, as a result, quite non-functional. With only one USB type A port, you will certainly have to turn to a HUB to add new ports if you want to connect a USB key and a card reader for example.

Otherwise, we find a jack for microphone/headset as well as a USB type C to the 3.2 gen.2 standard. Finally, for powering up, we have the indispensable power button with its circular status diode.

The bottom :

NZXT H5 Elite dessous

Under the case, we find the four feet with a rubber coating that will adhere well to any support. When mounting, do not hesitate to lift the case rather than trying to slide it.

Otherwise, two filters are present, one in the rear position to protect your power supply. The second is in the front and will be used to protect a fan that will have a very specific use, but we’ll come back to that!

The back :

NZXT H5 Elite arrière

The rear of the case does not present anything original since we find the classic layout. At the top, we can see the motherboard slot, thanks to the opening of the I/O shield.

Just underneath, seven expansion slots are present with a small side plate to lock them. Moreover, we notice that the slots are not separated from each other, the adoption of a vertical support for the graphics card and even easier.

Finally, at the bottom, we have the right to the power supply slot.

The top :

NZXT H5 Elite dessus

The top of the case also remains very classic since we find the presence of a magnetic dust filter. Just underneath, we can see the upper ventilation slots and many round perforations