PC Case Buying Guide 2023


Entry level


PC Case Buying Guide 2023 – entry level


Let’s get to the heart of the matter with our first section of this 2023 case buying guide: the entry level. Here, we focus on models whose prices are between 0 € and 60 €. Of course, in these models, we’ll avoid putting non-standard components… However, the models we’ve found are perfectly capable of hosting decent configurations!

Entry-level: Antec AX20

Antec AX20 - Guide d'achat boîtier 2022


Among the references located on this price segment from 0 € to 60 €, our main choice will be a model signed Antec. Indeed, the brand offers us the AX20, a reference priced at €49.99 that combines quite a few good points.

First of all, for this price, the case benefits from a rather complete ventilation with three fans on the front. Then, it has a good compatibility with the components: 170 mm for a CPU fan and 375 mm free for the graphics card. And we have four slots dedicated to storage and support for watercooling radiators in 360 mm on the front!

For about 50 euros, this is the model we recommend, and it’s not too big: 207 (W) x 358 (D) x 451 (H) mm.

Entry-level alternative: Zalman S2 TG

Zalman S2 TG - Guide d'achat boîtier 2022

For a similar budget, if we were to recommend an alternative model, it would be the Zalman S2 TG.

Just like theAntec model, this model benefits from a rather complete basic ventilation with three fans. Nevertheless, its reduced width (189 mm), negatively impacts the compatibility of the CPU fans: 156 mm against 170 mm. The same goes for the graphics card, which should not exceed 330 mm… Just like the cabling, which can be complicated due to the lack of rear space.

On the other hand, the power supply could be bigger and the hard disk cage seems to us easier to use.

OCC tips for entry-level :

    • Entry level :
        • Antec AX20


    • Alternative Entry Level:
        • Zalman S2 TG