PC Case Buying Guide 2023


Very high end


PC Case Buying Guide 2023 : very high-end


On the very high end sector, i.e. more than 201 €, there is no more reason to be disappointed. Compatibility with components is no longer a concern and the cases come with a good standard equipment.

High end: Fractal Design Torrent TG

Fractal Design Torrent TG

In this sector of the very high rubber, we can mention the Torrent TG Light from Fractal Design. A model with a particularly sleek design and focused on airflow. This case will offer a powerful standard ventilation with no less than five fans included in the standard package. There will be two 180mm models in the front complemented by three 140mm models at the bottom.

The watercooling radiator support in 420 mm is also present, in the front and in the bottom of the case. For the rest of the components, no worries either, especially since a hub to manage up to nine fans.

But it will be distinguished above all by its internal layout that greatly favors the flow of air, especially for the graphics card. When we see the consumption that can reach the cards of the last generation, we say that it is not a bad thing!

What’s next?

Corsair Obsidian 1000D

Beyond 250 € to 300 €, it is difficult to recommend a case specifically as these models are, finally, a showcase for brands. We are thinking in particular of the Cooler Master Cosmos series with its very particular look or the revival of the HAF series with the HAF 700 Evo and its crazy watercooling compatibility.

At Corsair we have the iCUE 7000 which are in the same vein, but with a more sober, more monolithic design. Clearly, we find very well equipped models, with many fans as standard, assistance for wiring, software support ..

And if you want to go further, why not look at the Obsidian 1000D or the Enthoo Elite by Phanteks… Or even the In Win signature series for example.

    • Very High End:
        • Fractal Design Torrent TG Light