PC Case Buying Guide 2023




2023 PC Case Buying Guide : mid range


This time, we go upmarket and focus on the price range between 61 € and 120 €. There, we start to have interesting models well equipped with fans. Also, the restrictions on components are melting like snow in the sun. Let’s see what we can find!

Mid-range ” – ” : MSI MAG Forge 112R

MSI MAG Forge 112R - Guide d'achat boîtier


On the low end of the mid-range segment, we spotted the small MSI MAG Forge 112R, a recent model.

The reason we chose to include it in this guide is simply because of its full standard ventilation. Indeed, this case benefits from a total of four ARGB fans as standard. With its mesh front, the air flow should be at the rendezvous. The same goes for the storage where it offers no less than five slots, up to two 3.5″ and three 2.5″.

Otherwise, we have the right to an RGB hub for six lighted devices as well as compatibility with watercooling radiators in 240 mm … What remains quite basic finally.

Mid-range “+”: Antec DF800 Flux or DF700 Flux

Antec DF800 Flux / Antec DF700 Flux- Guide d'achat boîtierDF800 Flux on the left, DF700 Flux on the right

Finally, for the high end of the mid-range segment, we find the Antec DF800 Flux and DF700 Flux! It’s simple, these cases offer everything you need for a muscular configuration. Watercooling? No problem, you can install a 360mm radiator in the front or in the top.Aircooling? Don’t worry, an NH-D15 will fit with the 175mm of space offered.

With this, these two cases will be able to accommodate your newly acquired RTX 4090 Strix since they offer up to 405 mm of space for the graphics card… While being able to cool it with their four fans present in base. And if that’s not enough, you can add up to five more fans: three on the top, two on the power supply cover. What’s more, the management of all these fans can be entrusted to a hub that can handle up to six fans and six RGB devices.

Finally, what is the difference between the two models? The dimensions, the DF700 is a little smaller, but especially less expensive. Its price, at Top Achat, goes from 119,99 € to 112,99 € for the same services or almost. In any case, by going through their technical data sheets on the brand’s website, we did not find any significant differences. It’s up to you to see what the design looks like.

OCC Tip for Mid-Range:

    • Mid-range “-“:
        • MSI MAG Forge 112R


    • Mid-range “+”:
        • Antec DF800 Flux or Antec DF700 Flux