PC Case Buying Guide 2023


High end


2023 PC case buying guide: high-end


With this high-end segment, we focus on cases where compatibility concerns are no longer really an issue. Ditto, now we start to look at the extra equipment provided in a more serious way. So, which cameras have caught our attention?

High end ” – ” : Zalman Z10 Duo

Zalman Z10 Duo - Guide d'achat boîtier 2022


With its Z10 Duo, the Zalman brand offers us a rather interesting model. Indeed, this model comes with two fronts to choose from: one in tempered glass for more style, the other in mesh for better air flow. Of course, if the temperature of your components soars, we can only advise you to use the mesh. Wouldn’t it be a shame to leave your setup to leather?

In addition to the four fans offered as standard, this model offers dual compatibility with 360mm watercooling radiators. It is also possible to mount CPU fans 173 mm high, GPUs 395 mm deep and up to 4 storage units.

But what makes this model interesting is its graphics card support. Thanks to it, your card won’t sag under its own weight. Also, the brand offers a bracket for vertical mounting, an interesting idea, but you will have to buy the PCIe riser separately.

High end ” + ” : Phanteks Eclipse 500A


Phanteks Eclipse P500A - Guide d'achat boîtier 2022


We go up in range again and this time we turn to Phanteks and its Eclipse P500A.

Here, we go a step further since the case is compatible with larger motherboards: E-ATX. The same goes for the watercooling compatibility with a reference that can accommodate 420 mm radiators. If you own an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420 or a Corsair H170i Elite Capellix, you can install them. Nevertheless, the counterpart, the number of fans provided, two in 140 mm.

The Jonsbo TK-1 returns in version 2.0!

Besides that, if you have big storage needs, you can install up to ten 3.5″ hard drives and three 2 .5″ SSDs . Likewise, we have three vertical expansion slots, so you can show off your graphics card… Although we do not recommend it, as the latter is very close to the glass. It might not be able to breathe properly… Unless you opt for a custom watercooling installation.

Alternative high-end “+”: be quiet! Silent Base 802

be quiet! Silent Base 802

Finally, for ~195 € at Top Achat, you can turn to the Silent Base 802 from be quiet! At this price, you will get the version with steel panel, the model with glass panel will cost 10 € more.

On the other hand, the German brand signs here an excellent case also compatible with E-ATX motherboards. Like the Phanteks, we find a 420mm watercooling radiator support and an easy opening system of the side panels. Nevertheless, this model is distinguished by a motherboard tray that can be reversed!

Finally, even though it comes with only three base installation fans, it will be possible to add more to complete the ventilation. The Silent Base 802 can accommodate three fans in 120/140 mm in the front, in the top and a 120/140 mm in the back. And on the storage side, there’s nothing to worry about with up to seven 3.5″ units and fifteen 2.5″ units.

    • high End ” – “:
        • Zalman Z10 Duo


    • high-end ” + ” :
        • Phanteks Eclipse P500A


    • high-end ” + ” alternative:
        • be quiet! Silent Base 802