PC Case Buying Guide 2023


Some ITX choices

2023 PC case buying guide: ITX


Here, we offer you a small selection of compact cases that deserve your attention. However, it is not because they are small in size that these cases are ” cheap “. By the way, for this selection, don’t hesitate to visit Caseking.de for fairer prices in Europe!


Choice #1: Ssupd Meshlicious

Ssupd MeshliciousThe Meshlicious tested and approved at Vonguru !

We start with the little Meshlicious from Ssupd. In the program, we find a model, compact, necessarily. However, it will accept watercooling kits with radiators in 280 mm maximum. The graphics card is not really limited in size: 336 mm in length on three slots. And for the power supply, you can integrate a block in SFX/SFX-L or ATX format, without being too greedy as to the depth.

The whole thing should also breathe well since all the panels are made of mesh… But you can opt for a version with a tempered glass panel if you want to highlight the graphics card or motherboard side. In short, an interesting choice that will be rather simple to wire and to assemble.

Choice n°2 : Lian Li A4H2O

Lian Li A4-H2O

Resulting from the collaboration between Dan (cases) and Lian Li, we have the A4 H2O which also deserves its place in this ITX selection. Like the Meshlicious, this model is compatible with large graphics cards of 322 mm in length while occupying three slots. Otherwise, the watercooling compatibility is also on the program even if the radiator must be in 240 mm maximum.

On the other hand, the storage part is rather poor with a single 2.5″ slot, unlike the Ssupd model which can accommodate up to seven depending on the choice of components.

Nevertheless, this model being more compact, it can be interesting if you have strong space constraints. However, beware of the assembly where the shoehorn can be used to accommodate some components.

Similarly, the case comes with a riser either in PCIe 3. 0 or PCIe 4. 0 in black or silver depending on your preferences and needs.

SHARKOON's new Rebel C20 ITX
Choice n°3 : Lian Li Q58
Lian Li Q58 The little Q58 from Lian Li, tested by Vonguru !

As a choice, n°4, we choose to talk about the Q58 from Lian Li. This model offers, in general, similar characteristics to the Meshlicious from Ssupd. Nevertheless, it is distinguished by the presence of more noble materials and a different internal layout.

Otherwise, we will be able to install a 320mm long graphics card in three slots. On the cooling side, 280/240 mm watercooling radiators are also supported. And if we manage the cabling well enough, we can integrate up to three 120 mm fans.

As far as assembly and wiring are concerned, this model is well managed and it is possible to have a neat assembly without too much effort.

Otherwise, in the same genre, we have the Phanteks Evolv Shift XT which offers a similar chassis. On the other hand, you can manage its height according to the components installed inside, but it will be more expensive overall.

Choice n°4 : NZXT H1 v2


Finally, as the last case, we choose to tell you about the NZXT H1 v2. In reality, it is more of a set of components since under this reference is actually a case, a power supply and a cooling system. Admittedly, it is quite expensive, but if you plan to build a complete machine, it may be of some interest. Note that the power supply is rated at 750W in 80+ Gold and the AIO is 140mm.

Inside, everything is already pre-wired. If the assembly of an ITX configuration scares you a little, you only have to assemble your motherboard, your graphics card and your 2.5″ storage and to wire it up! Simple and fast.

On the other hand, the package costs almost 400 €, but it is complete… Especially since all the defects of youth have been corrected!

  • Choice #1:
    • Ssupd Meshlicious
  • Choice n°2 :
    • Lian Li DAN cases A4 H2O
  • Choice n°3 :
    • Lian Li Q58 or Phanteks Shift Evolv XT
  • Choice n°4 :
    • NZXT H1 v2