In Japan, MSI resumes shipments of MAG CoreLiquid E!


At the end of last year, MSI decided to suspend the supply of its MAG CoreLiquid E kits in Japan. The cause: pump damage, but we’ll come back to that later. In short, after a few weeks’ interruption, supplies are back on track!

MSI resumes MAG CoreLiquid E shipments to Japan!

As far as we know, this series of watercooling kits suffered from pump damage. Upon inspection, the pump’s blades were found to be oversized. This resulted in unpleasant noises coming from the waterblock when the pump was running at between 1,600 and 1,800 rpm. Yes, they were rubbing against the cavity.

While waiting for the problem to be identified, MSI stopped supplying AIOs in this series at the end of 2023. The aim was, of course, to avoid distributing too many faulty kits. Naturally, affected customers could obtain a refund or a replacement AIO. In short, we imagine the problem has been solved.

As a reminder, this is a very recent series, since we learned of its launch in September 2023. It offers entry-level AIOs in 240/360 mm, all in black or white. Last but not least, a number of features are included, such as a 360° rotatable cover and aRGB lighting.

In terms of price, expect to pay around €100 for the 240 mm version, compared with €130 to €140 for the 360 mm version.

Here are the MSI product sheets!