MSI announces its new AIO MAG CoreLiquid E!


The MSI brand announces new watercooling kits in the form of AIOs. As our tests show, the brand also produces liquid cooling systems. This time, the company unveils its MAG CoreLiquid E, 240 mm and 360 mm kits!

MAG CoreLiquid E: new MSI AIOs in 240 and 360 mm!

MSI MAG CoreLiquid EWith this new series, the brand announces watercooling kits in 240 mm and 360 mm. As for color, the brand offers a choice of black or white. Of course, RGB lighting is included on the fans and pump cover.

The radiator features aluminum construction and a thickness of 27 mm. The number of channels is classic, with 12 in all.

The pump features an MSI logo mounted on a rotating cover. So, whichever way you mount it, you’ll have the logo facing the right way. Otherwise, the copper base is advertised as covering the entire CPUIHS, with a high density of micro-fins. Finally, the only thing we know is its speed: up to 3,000 rpm.

As for ventilation, we’ll find two or three 120 mm fans. The latter also benefit from a PWM power supply. However, the brand is not very forthcoming about their characteristics. All we know is the airflow generated, which is 75.04 CFM. We don’t know about speed or static pressure.

Finally, compatibility with mainstream Intel and AMD platforms is assured!

Click here and here for MSI product sheets!

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