i5 14600K, up to 10% better than the 13600K on Geekbench!


As the launch of the 14th generation processors approaches, more and more leaks are appearing. Just this morning, we learned that a Canadian reseller was displaying the price of the processors, while the packaging for the Core i9 14900K/F was showing off. Now it’s all about Geekbench scores for the Core i5 14600K!

Core i5 14600K: up to 13% better than a 13600K @stock!

As you can see, when the processor is running from the factory(@stock), the 14600K scores 2819 pts in single-core vs. 16666 pts in multi-core.

Assuming that the 13600k scores 2700 pts in single-core vs. 15100 pts in multi-core, the scores are respectively 4.41% and 10.37% higher in favor of the 14600K.

We also obtained overclocking results at 5.7 GHz on all cores. Under these conditions, the CPU displays 2861 pts in single-core mode versus 17974 pts in multi-core mode. Compared with the 13600K, performance is 5.96% and 19.03% better, although this OC has saved 1.5% and 7.85% against the @stock CPU.

Now, can we really compare all these scores? Difficult to say, since the test platform differs from one processor to another. On the one hand, for factory results, the CPU runs on an Asus TUF Z790 with memory operating at 5200 MT/s. On the other, in overclocking, we find a processor mounted on a Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Master X. However, the memory profile changes with RAM running at 7600 MT/s, which can have a significant influence on scores.

Intel Core i5 14600K Stock
And by the way, a score of 14600KF

Especially as Wccftech doesn’t tell us under what conditions the 2700/15100 pts of the 13600K were obtained.

In any case, we’re pretty sure that this new model won’t offer any major innovations over the current processor. Apart from frequency, the core configuration will remain identical: 6P8E, capable of reaching 5.3 GHz in boost mode, compared with 5.1 GHz for the 13600K.