Raptor Lake Refresh, price increase?


Little by little, we’re getting closer to the launch of the Raptor Lake Refresh processors. They are once again available from a Canadian reseller, but this time the price doesn’t appear to be “outrageously” high. Prices appear to be relatively stable, with a few variations.

Raptor Lake Refresh: what about pricing?

Raptor Lake Refresh

As a reminder, with this 14th generation Intel will be carrying out what is known as a refresh. In simple terms, Intel is artificially creating a new generation of processor based on older models. Architecturally, they’re identical to the current generation, the 13000, but mastery of the manufacturing process has enabled the blueprints to increase operating frequencies.

In terms of pricing, a new Canadian store lists the price of six upcoming references. We learn that prices vary only slightly:

  • 14900KF: $779.00 CAD 5.4%
  • 14700K : $589,00 CAD 1,7%
  • 14700KF : $549,00 CAD 3,7%
  • 14600K : $449,00 CAD 7,1%
  • 14600KF: $399.00 CAD 0%

Compared with the 13000, the 14900KF is up $40 CAD, against $30 CAD for the 14600K. Otherwise, the 14700K, 14700KF and 14600KF models show more measured price increases. Canadian retailers are showing price increases of $10 CAD, $20 CAD and $0 CAD respectively. In contrast to the 13600KF, the 14600KF shows no increase. For prices in US dollars and euros, we’ve converted all this into the table below:

14600FK 14600K 14700KF 14700K 14900KF
Price CAD $399 CAD 449 CAD $549 CAD $589 CAD 779 CAD
Price $ USD $294 USD $330 USD $404 USD $434 USD $574 USD
Price € 278 € 312 € 382 € 410 € 543 €

Of course, these are placeholder prices, as the official prices are not yet known. What’s more, given Intel’s new products, it’s only to be expected that prices will change little or not at all.

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