Genesis Boron 500 XXL RGB Mousepad


Genesis has just presented the sequel to its popular line of gaming accessories. The Boron 500 XXL RGB Logo gaming mouse pad. This product is perfect fore-sport enthusiasts and professionals alike. Casual gamers looking for an exceptional combination of style will also be able to choose it.


Genesis: what’s the difference?

The Genesis Boron 500 XXL RGB Logo is an 80×40 cm mat that facilitates mouse and keyboard placement. This is to ensure users have enough space for smooth gaming. Its speed-type surface has been designed to guarantee maximum responsiveness, fluid movements and immediate reaction to any input.


Stability and speed are key

Stability is as important as speed. That’s why the manufacturer has equipped the pad with an anti-slip rubber layer. This protects the pad from unwanted movement during the most intense moments of the game. This is particularly important in FPS and RTS games, where victory can come down to fractions of a second.


Genesis Boron mouse pad plus points

The Genesis Boron 500 XXL RGB Logo has a black finish, elegantly embroidered with the Genesis logo. Its RGB LED-illuminated edges offer a choice of 12 lighting modes. Users can easily control them via a convenient switch without the need to install additional software. The package also includes a durable, detachable 180 cm USB cable.

Availability and prices

The new mouse pad is already available in stores. The price is : 18.99 euros.

For more information, visit the product page: click HERE.