Core i9 14900KS for mid-March?


A new rumor about Intel’s Core i9 14900KS, and more specifically about its release date. Indeed, a rumor from BenchLife indicates that the launch is scheduled for mid-March.

Core i9 14900KS for mid-March?

Raptor Lake Refresh

In broad terms, with this KS model, we’re expecting a 14900K on steroids. While the processor configuration remains unchanged: 24 cores (8P/16E), 32 threads, the frequency is set to increase. The latter, when boosted, should increase from 6.00 GHz to 6.20 GHz. However, this will have a negative impact on energy efficiency, with TDP rising from 125W to 150W. Via OCCT, we were able to see power consumption measurements of around 410W with no power limits.

In short, if our Asian colleagues are to be believed, the CPU should land somewhere around mid-March. After all, the first quarter seems to be the ideal launch window for these KS processors. The 12900KS was launched in April 2022, while the 13900KS arrived in January 2023.

For its part, Guru3D points out that Intel has not yet launched this CPU on the market, to give the 14900K(F) a little time to gain ground. At a later date, it could also be to build up sufficient stock. In short, wait and see.