V-Color DDR5: Colorful teaser on its DDR5 RAM!


From Colorful, we learn that the brand is teasing new memory kits. Indeed, it is about V-Color DDR5 RAM, RAM… In DDR5 precisely. At least, we know that the brand will have something to welcome Alder Lake-S as it should be!

V-Color DDR5: DDR5 RAM from Colorful!

Colorful V-Color DDR5
Image source Hassan Mujtaba

With this new reference, the brand teases RAM whose modules display a capacity of 16 GB each. At the frequency level, we can see that we are dealing with 6333 MHz for a voltage of only 1.1V! In short, with this reference, the brand offers us something faster than the standard Jedec at 4800 MHz.

Otherwise, from an aesthetic point of view, we have RGB RAM with a thin lightbar on top of the module. Likewise, like their DDR4 counterpart, we have the right to a “V” molded into the mass while the heat sink displays a white color. For now, no idea about the dimensions of these modules, an information that has its importance. We think especially of the users of aircooling type ventirad!

For the moment, no idea of the price. As for the availability, we should expect a joint launch with the 12th generation of Intel CPUs, which will take place on November 4th.