[Tweak League] Overclock an RTX 4060 « Easy mode »


#1 Overclocking mode : Easy (10 min)

The easy way: Undervolting (10 min)

This allows us to increase performance while reducing the voltage and therefore the temperature of the graphics card.

Please follow the stepsbelow:

Open the CURVE EDITOR window at the bottom left of MSI Afterburner. Hold down SHIFT and then LEFT-CLICK on the point above 950 mV. We’ll drag it up +250 Mhz.

Now press SHIFT again and LEFT-CLICK just to the right of the point you’ve just moved (you mustn’t click on a point). By holding SHIFT LEFT CLICK you have selected all the points on the right of the graph. Release SHIFT and CLICK. Now LEFT CLICK on any point within the selected area (to the right of the 950 mV point) and pull it down to 0.

Validate your curve with the button to the right of the Floppy Disk on the main menu. You should obtain the following curve.

Overclocking RTX 4060 Tweak LeagueSet your POWER LIMIT to maximum. The same goes for TEMP LIMIT.

In MEMORY CLOCK type 800 then enter.

Re-validate your settings with the icon on the right of the Floppy Disk .

Save the profile by clicking the Floppy Disk and then the “1” on the right of the menu.


Performance gains:
3.9% on the 3D Mark Time Spy benchmark.
4.3% on the 3D Mark Solar Bay benchmark.
108.69 FPS or 2.4% on Cyberpunk 2077.

Stock Easy Intermediate Max
TimeSpy Score 11’727 12’184 ? ?
 3.90% ? ?
Solar Bay Score 50’278 52’437 ? ?
4.29% ? ?
Cyberpunk 2077 FPS 108.69 111.25 ? ?
2.36% ? ?

We’ve just lowered the voltages, and therefore the temperature, so you’ll be able to play for hours without any loss of performance.

This undervolting should have no impact on the stability of your graphics card. Launch your favorite games and if ever there’s a crash, simply open MSI Afterburner and use the icon on the left of the Floppy Disk , then the one on the right to validate the changes and return to the default settings.

Overclocking RTX 4060 Tweak League