[Tweak League] Overclock an RTX 4060 « Easy mode »


#1 Overclocking mode: Medium (15 min)

Intermediate overclocking: safe and powerful (15min)

We’re now going to look for a bigger performance gain, using exactly the same steps as for the previous profile.

Open the CURVE EDITOR window in the bottom left-hand corner of MSI Afterburner. Hold down SHIFT and LEFT-CLICK on the point above 1050 mV. We’ll drag it up to 180 Mhz.

Now press SHIFT again and LEFT-CLICK just to the right of the point you’ve just moved (you mustn’t click on a point). By holding SHIFT LEFT CLICK you have selected all the points on the right of the graph. Release SHIFT and CLICK. Now LEFT CLICK on any point within the selected area (to the right of the 1050 mV point) and pull it down to 0.

Confirm your curve with the button on the right of the floppy disk in the main menu.

Overclocking RTX 4060 Tweak LeagueSet your POWER LIMIT to maximum. The same goes for TEMP LIMIT, and in MEMORY CLOCK type +1000.

Re-validate your settings with the icon on the right of the Floppy Disk .

Now it’s time to save the profile by clicking the Floppy Disk and then the “2” on the right of the menu.

Now you should launch a benchmark software like 3DMark TimeSpy to validate your results and stability in 5 minutes.


Performance gains :
9% on the 3D Mark Time Spy benchmark.
8.2% on the 3D Mark Solar Bay benchmark.
116.3 FPS or 7% on Cyberpunk 2077.

Stock Easy Intermediate Max
TimeSpy Score 11727 12’184 12’786 ?
3.90% 9.03% ?
Solar Bay Score 50278 52’437 54’407 ?
4.29% 8.21% ?
Cyberpunk 2077 FPS 108.69 111.25 116.3 ?
2.36% 7.00% ?

We’ve got a big perf gain here that we’ve been able to maintain for hours on our Tweak League config.

If your PC crashes in game, go back to PROFILE 1. Not all graphics cards are created equal, it’s the silicon lottery.