[Tweak League] Overclock an RTX 4060 « Easy mode »


We used an ASUS RTX 4060 Dual OC for the Tweak League, so we were able to play around with it. The one used in this article wasn’t the most powerful, so we can give you some settings that should be reliable with your RTX 4060.

If you’re looking for a simple guide to overclocking your RTX 4060, here are my recommendations with 3 levels of difficulty. All this has been achieved in 2 hours, so there’s more performance to be gained from it, but I wanted to produce a guide that would enable anyone to overclock their card and, above all, to see the concrete effects!

There are surely better methods out there, and don’t hesitate to make your recommendations in the comments 🙂

Let’s start by installing and configuring MSI Afterburner.

Regardless of the brand of your graphics card, the most widely used software for overclocking is the MSI Afterburner. You can download it directly from the manufacturer’s website: www.msi.com/Landing/afterburner/graphics-cards

The RivaTuner part will be useful if you want to display FPS, temperatures and frequencies in game, but installation is not necessary here.

Overclocking RTX 4060 Tweak League

Once installed, go to Settings (gearicon ), where you’ll need to activate :

  • Unlock voltage control
  • Unlock voltage monitoring

If you want overclocking to be active every time Windows starts up, you’ll also need to activate :

  • Start with Windows
  • Start minimized

Confirm everything and click on the Windows icon in the top right-hand corner of the main window, which should change color. You’re all set!

Before starting overclocking, we ran 3 benchmarks to calculate the performance gains at each stage.

Here are the results:

Stock Easy Intermediate Max
TimeSpy Score 11’727 ? ? ?
Solar Bay Score 50’278 ? ? ?
Cyberpunk 2077 FPS 108.69 ? ? ?