Thunderbolt 5: a real leap forward


Intel’s dream is about to become a reality: a USB-C port that can do it all. Intel has just unveiled the latest generation of the Thunderbolt standard. In figures, the new Thunderbolt 5 has three times the bandwidth of the previous generation…In reality, with this new version, a USB-C port with the Thunderbolt 5 standard can connect many solutions, such as an SSD disk, an external graphics card or peripherals. But more importantly, with this port, you’ll also be able to connect an 8K display – or two in 4K resolution. Finally, on your laptop, it should greatly “clean up” the aesthetic environment of your desktop, as it will also allow you to charge the device with 240 W of possible power.

thunderbolt 5 compare

Fewer cables, more power

Thunderbolt 5 will offer cutting-edge performance and the ability to connect computers to monitors, docking stations, storage and much more. Intel is delighted to continue its legacy of leadership in wired connectivity solutions. Thunderbolt is currently the leading connectivity port on notebooks, and the next-generation performance of Thunderbolt 5 will offer even greater capabilities to the most demanding users. – Jason Ziller, General Manager, Customer Connectivity Division, Intel

Intel asserts that the new standard will be highly compatible with existing USB and Thuderbolt-based equipment (it has been designed on the basis of USB4 v2, DisplayPort 2.1 and PCI-Express 4.0 standards).

The manufacturer aims to meet the growing needs of users who expect smooth images and high resolution when working with video equipment and various types of data. Thunderbolt 5-equipped computers and accessories should be available from 2024.

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