The GB202 with 512-bit memory interface?


At the moment, there are a lot of rumors about NVIDIA’s future graphics cards, the RTX Blackwells. While we were first talking about the chips’ memory interfaces, new rumours are now emerging. The instigator is still the same: @kopite7kimi on According to him, the GB202 would benefit from a 512-bit bus after all.

GB202: towards a 512-bit interface… For now…

NVIDIA Blackwell

Of course, everything said here is purely supposition, and things may change between now and the official launch of the cards. However, it would appear that the GB202 does indeed benefit from a 512-bit memory interface. If other rumours are to be believed, the card could well be equipped with GDDR7 memory operating at 28 Gbps. Taking these parameters into account, the potential future RTX 5090 could well benefit from a bandwidth of 1,792 GB/s.

As for the GPU configuration, things are still difficult to estimate… However, some people are talking about a chip with 192 SM. If the number of cuda cores they contain remains unchanged, we’d have a GPU with 24,576 cuda cores, a 50% increase on the current RTX 4090.

As for the GB203, the calculations would be straightforward, since the chip would offer features halved in size. For memory, for example, we’d see a 256-bit bus. The number of SMs would also be halved: 96 SMs, or 12,288 cuda cores. Compared with the current RTX 4080 (also equipped with a 103 GPU ), the increase would be 26%… No big change on the memory side, then.

Finally, this generation of cards simply won’t offer any 384-bit GPUs. That’s the rumor, anyway.