The Function 2 keyboard from NZXT is here!


Following the launch of the Lift 2 mouse (Symm and Ergo), NZXT now offers a new generation of keyboards. The Function 2 is available in two layouts: 104 keys and miniTKL, a format we particularly appreciated.

Function 2: an updated keyboard in three different formats!

With this new version, the brand announces improvements to the shortcomings of the first version. These include PBT keycaps on all keyboards, while the acoustics have been improved. This new generation of keyboards now benefits from several layers of sound insulation. Similarly, the stabilizer bars are now lubricated as standard.

Unfortunately, the choice of switches is limited to in-house optical models produced by Gateron. These promise an adjustable activation point from 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm, while requiring a force of 40g for activation. A pity, given that SteelSeries offers Ominipoints with a greater range of adjustment, as do Test and Corsair. And don’t forget that we’re not talking about the same price.

Lastly, there will be no change in design, so the base will remain identical, with a sound management wheel on the left of the keyboard. There’s also a button to mute the sound, another to lock the Windows key and a third for backlight management. Of course, the switches are hotswappable, but compatibility with both 3-pin and 5-pin models is no longer possible.

At present, this version is only available in German and Dutch, at prices of €160 for the 104-key version versus €150 for the mini-TKL. In short, I can’t wait for a French version of the keyboard!

NZXT keyboards are here!