Review: NZXT Lift 2 Ergo


After our review of NZXT’s Lift 2 Symm mouse, we’re back with the Ergo model this time. Today, NZXT is unveiling two new mice on the peripherals market. Overall, we find similar features to the Symm, except that it seems to be more right-handed oriented than its counterpart. Once again, we’re dealing with a lightweight mouse, although the Ergo is a little heavier than the Symm model.

So, how does the NZXT Lift 2 Ergo stack up? Find out in our test!

Technical specifications :

Let’s start with the technical specifications of the NZXT Lift 2 Ergo. The Ergo measures 128.4 x 65.1 x 41.4 mm and weighs 61 g. It is therefore slightly larger than the Symm (67.1 x 126.6 x 38.3 mm) and heavier too (58 g). This is a lighter mouse than the MSI Clutch GM41 Lightweight Wireless (74 g), which I use on a daily basis. Similarly, the Model O weighs in at 67 g, while the Asus Harp weighs in at 54 g. Compared with NZXT’s previous generation Lift, the Ergo is 6 g lighter.

Like the Ergo, the Lift 2 Ergo features a PixArt PMW3395 sensor capable of 26,000 DPI. It boasts a maximum speed of 650 IPS and can withstand accelerations of 50G.

NZXT’s new mouse features PTFE Teflon glide pads and a 2m paracord sheathed cable. It comes with a two-year warranty.

System requirements :

To use the NZXT Lift 2 Ergo, you’ll need a USB A port on your PC. Of course, this model is also PC (Windows) or Mac compatible. It can also be used on Xbox or Playstation if required. As you’d expect, an Internet connection is required to download and install the CAM management software.