Apple cuts Vision Pro production


Yesterday, we reported on Meta’s entry into the battle with a different approach, but now Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that Apple has had to cut production of its Vision Pro mixed reality glasses simply because sales are not in line with initial forecasts. According to the analyst, while Apple had planned to sell between 700,000 and 800,000 units of its glasses by 2024, the company has almost halved these figures. The Apple brand now expects to sell between 400,000 and 450,000 units in the current year.

Apple Vision Pro
With the hype over, potential customers look elsewhere

The Apple Vision Pro is reportedly selling very poorly

For the moment, the Apple Vision Pro has not yet been launched in major markets such as China, where the American giant has an ongoing dispute concerning the Vision Pro trademark. A funny situation, since it was Huawei that registered the Vision Pro trademark in China in May 2019. While the launch remains scheduled for the end of 2024 in China, France and other European countries are expected to follow in the summer. However, given the declining interest and media coverage of the product, even revised production forecasts should suffice for these launches. In the rumor mill, Apple’s internal opinion is that it needs to change course and strategy quickly on what was to become a new product family. As a result, there is now talk of the cancellation of the new model of these glasses which was due to be launched in 2025. This new model was intended to enable Apple to offer a product at a lower price, capable of appealing to a wider public that had been convinced by the fuss surrounding the Vision Pro. But now, in addition to news of discounts, rumors are circulating that Apple won’t be launching any new models next year after all. Finally, to end on an even worse note, despite the opening of new countries in 2025, Apple is now forecasting lower Vision Pro shipments than in 2024.