Soho H4 Plus & Alucia H4 Plus: two new fans from Akasa!


Akasa announces the arrival of two new fans on the market. The Soho H4 Plus and Alucia H4 Plus are on the programme. The first one with RGB lighting and the second one, more classic, without any lights!

Soho H4 Plus & Alucia H4 Plus: with and without RGB lighting!

Akasa Soho H4 Plus & Alucia H4 Plus
The Alucia H4 Plus on the left, the Soho H4 Plus on the right

In broad terms, the two products are quite similar as they have a lot in common. First of all, the size is identical at 120 (W) x 96 (D) x 154 (H) mm. The weight varies with the Soho being heavier: 703.9g compared to 643.7g for theAlucia. Otherwise, the fridge itself remains the same for both references: four copper heatpipes. The base is slightly off-centre to limit the impact on the RAM. Finally, the heatpipes will come into direct contact with the CPU. The only thing that really changes is the RGB lighting system on top of the Soho. On the ventilation side, theAlucia will have a slightly more powerful fan, at least on paper. While both heatsinks have a 500 RPM to 2000 RPM mill, the non-RGB model will blow and push a little harder. We’re talking 56.3 CFM of airflow and 1.94 mmH2O of pressure versus 52.91 CFM and 1.75 mmH2O. Finally, in both cases, we have compatibility with LGA-1000 and LGA-2000 sockets in Intel. In AMD, we stop atAM4. Finally, the bill rises to €41.95 for theAlucia H4 Plus against €51.95 for the Soho, the lighting part making the bill higher.

Click here and here for Akasa ‘s technical data sheets!

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