Sabrent launches the Rocket Q M.2 2230, a small 2TB SSD


Sabrent comes to play on the field of SSDs in M.2 2230 format. The advantage of this small format is its compactness, since these models measure, roughly, 2 cm by 3 cm in length. However, it is also the format chosen by some manufacturers for their devices. One thinks in particular of the tablets surface of Microsoft!

Rocket Q: Sabrent also offers an SSD in M.2 2230 format!

Sabrent Rocket QWith this new model, the brand adds a little competition to the M.2 2230 SSD sector. Two capacities are proposed with a version of 1 TB and a second of 2 TB. For the moment, only the characteristics of the 2Tb model are known.

We then learn that it has a Phison E21 controller. The set also uses memory from Micron, the N48R and a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface.

All this allows this model from Sabrent to display sequential speeds of 5 GB/s in reading and 3.2 GB/s in writing. The random performance is announced at 480k IOPS in reading against 759k IOPS in writing.

In the end, it is a SSD will compete in the sector of the MP600 Mini from Corsair. For the moment, the prices are not known, case to follow.

Here is the Sabrent datasheet!