Review: Kingston Fury Renegade 5600 MT/s CL36 ECC R-DIMM


The final word:

Kingston Fury Renegade 5600 MT/s CL36

We didn’t get the chance to delve into overclocking with this Kingston Fury Renegade 5600 MT/s CL36 memory kit, as our copy of the Xeon W9-3495X had to go to press. We’re trying to pick one up as soon as possible to see what we can expect from this kit, bearing in mind that it benefits from Hynix memory chips with excellent overclocking potential.

médaille award OMF or goldWith this kit, Kingston offers an interesting proposition for those who have a motherboard capable of accepting 64 GB of memory, and in particular more professional boards such as the Asus Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE. The kit is aesthetically sober, but in the end, nothing more is needed for the role it will be asked to play in the configuration set up.

As far as pricing is concerned, it can be found in Germany at Alternate for 390 euros, which is a (higher) price for a kit of this capacity, bearing in mind that the Fury Beast RGB kit is available for 267 euros but, and it’s important to remember this, we’re here on an R-DIMM kit dedicated to “server” motherboards and not U-DIMM as we use on our PCs. We know that this type of kit is more expensive than the kits we usually test with identical characteristics. Thanks to Kingston for making this sample available.

We liked :

  • The clean look of the heat sinks and the black color of the PCB
  • The quality finish of the memory modules
  • Voltage of 1.25 volts, which is very reasonable
  • Lifetime warranty