Review: Kingston Fury Renegade 5600 MT/s CL36 ECC R-DIMM


As part of our test of the Intel Xeon W9-3495X processor, we asked Kingston to test a memory kit meeting the specifications of this platform, i.e. R-DIMM. We therefore received a copy of the Kingston Fury Renegade 5600 MT/s CL36 ECC R-DIMM kit, comprising four 16 GB memory modules, for a total of 64 GB, and bearing the reference KF556R36RBK4-64. Please note that before starting this article, it’s very important to specify that these are R-DIMM memory sticks and not U-DIMM as we’re used to testing. This kit is intended for very specific motherboards, such as the Asus Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE. We’ll talk more about this in the rest of our article.

This is not a comparison, as it’s the only 64 GB R-DIMM kit we currently have, and the platform used is not the one we use for comparisons, as our ROG Z790 APEX is only U-DIMM compatible. We contacted Intel France to get a new Xeon so we could review the overclocking of this Kingston Fury Renegade 5600 MT/s CL36 kit.