Review: Gigabyte RTX 4070 SUPER Gaming OC


Specifications and PCB:

Technical specifications:

In terms of frequency, the base frequency is announced at 1980 MHz, while the Boost peaks at 2565 MHz. This is an ” overclocked ” model, with a higher Boost frequency than the Founders Edition’s 2475 MHz. The 12 GB of G-DDR6X memory run at 1313 MHz (504 GB/s) on a 192-bit bus. Since this is NVIDIA’s reference board, the frequencies are also reference frequencies. We’ll be able to compare them with our partners’ cards to see if they benefit from factory overclocking. We’re also rather surprised to see the power limit at 320 watts.

A quick run through GPU-Z to check that the information read is correct. The GPU frequency is indeed 1940 MHz, and the Boost frequency 2565 MHz. Don’t forget that the latter will be higher in benchmarks, depending on the quality of your chip and determined by GPU Boost 4.0. Memory has a frequency of 1313 MHz.

Let’s unpack the PCB:

As we hinted, we haven’t disassembled our RTX 4070 SUPER yet. The procedure is fairly lengthy, and the timing of the test publication didn’t allow us to do it in good conditions, especially with the updating of all our graphics and the testing of partner cards.