Review: Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus




The printhead is rather bulky, and doesn’t allow you to change the extruder without a bit of tinkering. However, filament changing is quick and well thought-out, with a lever for disengaging without using the software.

The 4.3″ touchscreen is magnetized, so it can be mounted anywhere else, vertically for example, depending on where you want to install your printer.

Elegoo has integrated LEDs on the head and arch of the printer, which can be switched on or off via the touchscreen, a handy extra for inspections.

To cool the deposited filament, the printer has a fan module that runs the full width of the printer and is mounted directly behind the printhead.

The filament detector lets you get away with not wasting a print. The printer will alert you and pause, leaving you to change filament before resuming printing. A simple, effective solution.

More photos of this printer’s construction.