Review: Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus


Assembly & Calibration


The assembly instructions are well illustrated and clear, but Elegoo also offers a video. All the steps are clear and have a dedicated bag of screws. It’s impossible to make a mistake. If you like Lego, you won’t be disappointed. And even if you have no prior knowledge, assembly of the Neptune 4 Plus should pose no problem and can be completed in less than half an hour. And of course, all tools are supplied.


After switching on the printer for the first time. It is advisable to ensure that the print head is firmly in place. The next step is to level the print bed. Elegoo provides a step-by-step guide for this. This is crucial if you want to get good prints later on. So it’s best to take your time. Calibration is not entirely automatic: you’ll need to use the huge screws on the underside of the hot bed and a sheet of paper.

The fact that you have to assemble the machine makes this step impossible to do in the factory, and above all crucial for what happens next.

Be careful to keep the printing PEI sheet in place during calibration, or you could damage the coating underneath. Don’t ask how we know..