Review: Corsair 2500X


Inside the 2500X

Inside the 2500X :

The interior is accessed in the classic way by removing the side panels, which are held in place by two captive hand screws backed by a push-pin system. As you can see, once you’ve unscrewed the panels, you’ll need to pull on them to remove them. In our opinion, the push-pin screw combination is a duplicate of the simpler push-pin.

The chassis :

Inside, when you look at the motherboard tray, you quickly realize that something isn’t quite right. Don’t panic, this is perfectly normal. This reference is compatible with motherboards from the ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero projects. As a reminder, the concept is to hide the power cables as much as possible by positioning the main connector on the back of the motherboard. This case is therefore compatible with this type of board (ASUS TUF Gaming B760M-BTF WiFi, MSI B760M Project Zero and MSI B650M Project Zero).

Of course, given the case’s format, motherboard compatibility is limited to µATX and mini-ITX formats. Of course, you can also mount conventional boards. In fact, there are numerous cable openings all around the main board.

At the rear, because of the positioning of the power supply unit, don’t worry, there’s plenty of room. However, unlike a NZXT H6 Flow for example, there’s no system to simplify wiring.

Storage slots :

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a storage rack with actual baskets. This is what the 2500X contains: a cage with two baskets, 2.5″ and 3.5″ compatible. In addition to these baskets, on the front of the case are two plates specially dedicated to 2.5″ units!

Power supply location:

Corsair 2500X emplacement alimentation

Like that of the H6 Flow, the power supply unit is as basic as it gets, with no anti-vibration devices. However, an adapter for ATX and SFX blocks is included. This is an interesting point, since not all SFX power supplies come with it.

Cooling options :

By default, the case is not supplied with a fan. Inevitably, you’ll need to purchase a small batch of fans, perhaps the affordable and silent Arctic P12s. In addition, this model offers a number of slots:

  • Top: 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm
  • Bottom: 3x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm
  • Side: 2x 120 mm
  • Rear: 1x 120 mm

On the watercooling side, there’s plenty to do, with a double 360/280 mm radiator slot at both top and bottom. If required, a 240 mm radiator can be fitted to the side of the motherboard, and a small 120 mm one to the rear.

However, if an air-cooling heatsink is fitted, space will be at a premium, with a height of no less than 180 mm. The new A115, with its 164.8 mm height, will easily fit into this space.

The bundle:

Corsair 2500X bundle

The accessories section features

  • A safety guide
  • A transparent, compartmentalized box containing the housing’s screws and bolts
  • Nylon clamps
  • An adapter for the F_PANEL

In itself, this accessory section is nothing extraordinary, but it’s really nice to see the screws and bolts arrive in a compartmentalized box. At least you know everything’s neatly arranged and won’t move around, unlike those plastic bags you have to rip out.

Small details:

Corsair 2500X

On its own, the 2500X turns out to be a pretty basic box, and it won’t be showcasing a plethora of features. However, it does boast a dust filter that can be removed from the front panel!

Otherwise, what’s interesting about this model is that the brand will be offering a whole range of accessories. These include wood or aluminum panels for the front panel. Cable guide systems and a cable cover are also available. All these accessories will be there to help you personalize your case to the full!

In a nutshell:

Basically, Corsair offers us a rather basic case. Unlike be quiet! for example, we won’t have a plethora of features, but what it does offer will be sufficient. On the other hand, the lack of fans is a shame on a €150 case!