Review: Corsair A115


Corsair really only offers aircooling fans once every 36 months. The last model to date was the A500, a resolutely high-end model. However, this model was launched in 2020, three years ago. So it was a long time before the brand came up with a new model, the A115. As you’ll see, it’s a high-end heatsink, but much more classic than its predecessor!

Corsair A115 boîte


Broadly speaking, air cooling is not Corsair’s area of expertise. From time to time, the company launches a new heatsink, but nothing more. Let’s just say that the brand has no real established range, unless this changes in the coming months.

In any case, here we find an imposing model in double-tower format. Unlike DeepCool’s AK620, for example, this one is in a completely different league, as it’s a double 140 mm. The A115 is equipped with two Corsair A140 Elite fans. These fans are advertised as “high-performance” models. They feature AirGuide technology, with anti-vortex blades to channel the airflow.

In double-tower format, this fan features a total of six copper heat pipes meeting at a copper base. Coupled with a large number of aluminum fins offering a heat exchange surface area of 1.69 m², this heatsink is claimed to handle TDPs of 250W.

Finally, we can count on the presence of a thermal paste, the brand’s XTM70. All this will be coupled with a HoldFast 2. 0 mounting mechanism for fast, reliable mounting on current platforms such as the LGA-1700 or AM5.

Corsair A115

We’d also like to highlight the rail-mounted fans, enabling rapid adjustment of fan height. The aim is to easily raise/lower the front fan on the fly, depending on the height of the RAM. Very practical, depending on your installation!

Corsair’s A115 is priced in line with the current trend for dual-tower heatsinks. The bill will therefore exceed €100, officially coming in at €114.90. In fact, with the €/$ conversion now in our favor, the European price has fallen below the American one.