Quantum Surface: new EKWB watercooling radiators


A new watercooling radiator from EKWB. The brand unveils its EK Quantum Surface, a new all-black model available in 360 mm and 240 mm.

Quantum Surface: an all-black watercooling radiator from EKWB!

radiateur watercooling EKWB Quantum Surface SlimThese new radiators complete the existing Quantum Surface series. The brand now offers radiators in 240 mm and 360 mm sizes, all in full black. The result is a range of discreet, sober configurations.

The choice of materials for this model is copper for fins and channels. Meanwhile, the brewing bays are made of brass, while the sides are made of stainless steel. And speaking of fins, we also feature a density of 20 FPI (fins per inch).

In terms of dimensions, the 360 mm model measures 405 (W) x 140 (D) x 30 (H) mm. The more compact 240 mm version is 285 mm long. Naturally, the weight is quite considerable due to the presence of copper elements: 730g for the 240 mm version versus 950g for the 360 mm version.

Finally, connection to the custom watercooling loop is via two G1/4″ threads.

As for price, you’ll need to reckon with just over €80 for 240 mm and almost €100 for 360 mm.

Click here and here for EKWB product sheets!