NX250: New compact mid-tower case from Antec!


After the NX420

, Antec is back with a new case from the same series. This time, the brand offers us its NX250, a compact medium tower model. Ideal for making a PC that does not look “empty”.

NX250: Antec’s compact midrange!

Antec NX250 The first thing we notice on this model are the two large openings on the front. Thanks to them, the ventilation placed just behind should be able to draw fresh air quite easily. Moreover, the ventilation can accommodate up to eight fans in 120 mm. As for their distribution: 3x on the front, 2x on the top, 1x on the back and 2x on the power supply cover.

In the same vein, for watercooling, we have a 360 mm compatibility in the front. At the top, officially, no radiator is supported, the fault of a lack of space above the motherboard … At least we imagine. Finally, at the back, we have a support for a small 120 mm.

For the rest of the components, we find a motherboard support in ATX format. The graphics card will be able to take advantage of 310 mm long, the CPU ventirad of 160 mm high and the power supply of 310 mm without HDD cage. Finally, for storage, we have two 2.5″ slots and two others in 3.5″.

We quickly finish with the price, which is around fifty euros for the most accessible stores.

Antec’s datasheet is here!